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Geo. Benz & Sons
Classic American Bourbon Whiskey

750ml   |   90 Proof



Produced in Minnesota, this "farm-to-table" whiskey is produced locally. It contains more than 90% corn in our proprietary mash, as was traditional in Pre-Prohibition Bourbon production. Limited amounts of other grains, such as rye, wheat and barley within the mash give our whiskey it’s unique flavor.

Appearance: Medium amber
Aroma: Oak, vanilla, honey and spice
Taste: Oak, sweet and smooth with a rush of butter flavor
Finish: Long, dry, smooth, sweet finish with a slight hint of vanilla

The History

George Benz, born in Osthofen, Germany in 1838, immigrated to the United States at age 15 and moved from Chicago to Minnesota three years later. By 1865, he became a liquor wholesaler.

In 1878, he expanded into the distilling business to ensure a guaranteed supply of exceptional whisky for his blending and bottling business. He opened many distilleries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana. He brought his five sons into the business, who carried it on until the advent of prohibition, when it was sold.

Benz had truly realized the American Dream, coming to this country with little more than the clothing on his back, he grew his business to be one of the largest liquor operations in the country. During that time, he gave back to his beloved country through public service and private philanthropy.

We celebrate his life’s work with the introduction of Geo. Benz & Sons, Classic American Bourbon Whiskey, which is distilled, matured and bottled in his home state of Minnesota.

Sip, Savor and Toast to a true American Legend and the American Dream!

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